Photographs by MARIO CIAMPI

HARDCOVER / 240 pages
9-5/8 x 11-1/2 inches / 24.5 x 30 cm
250 color illustrations
ISBN-13: 978-0-9544288-4-6

US $ 65


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Artists have always been attracted to Tuscany, seduced by its outstanding beauty, mild climate, and rich cultural history. Tuscany Artists Homes presents the interiors of twenty-five homes owned by contemporary artists living in Tuscany, including Dario Bartolini, Pietro Cascella, Lietta Cavalli, Sandro Chia, Gigi Guadagnucci, Isanna Generali, Joseph Kosuth, Massimo Lippi, Igor Mitoraj, and Daniel Spoerri. Shown are a variety of housing types, from villas and country homes to refurbished industrial buildings and castles, setting the stage for fascinating juxtapositions of architecture and design, and demonstrating differing approaches to restoration, remodeling, and decoration. Mariella Sgaravatti’s text, enriched by comments from the artists themselves, sheds light on how each interior has been transformed to reflect the personal vision of the owners. Tuscany Artists Homes is a rewarding photographic tour for those seeking original and unusual ideas for their own home and for those who would like to take a peek at some of the most intriguing dream homes hidden away in Tuscany.



MARIELLA SGARAVATTI was born in Padua, Italy and studied architecture in Florence where she graduated with a specialization in landscape architecture. She has done freelance work designing gardens and she is currently active in gardening congresses and conventions. Her published works include Le passiflore and Le clematidi, both published by Calderini in Italy, and Tuscany Artists Gardens and Tuscany Artists Homes both published by Verba Volant.


MARIO CIAMPI has been an architectural photographer for more than twenty-five years and his work has appeared in numerous magazines worldwide, and in particular, Casa Vogue and Architectural Digest




The Italian Magazine

Tuscany’s homes have served as the subject matter for a wealth of chunky coffee table tomes. Refreshingly, this offering has a focus lacking in many of the competition. Rather than arbitrarily selecting properties, the author has concentrated on the homes of Tuscany’s most celebrated artists. The result is a fascinating trawl through the region’s most idiosyncratic creative boltholes. Ranging from elegant Renaissance revivalism to brutal minimalism, that book’s subjects live up to their eccentric billing with an extraordinary array of interiors.



Italia Magazine

Huge, hardback books are—it would appear—proving rather popular in the run-up to Christmas. For we now have this—yet another immense, wrist-breaking tome—featuring the interiors and decor of the houses owned by a collection of 25 well-known artists in and around the Italian region of Tuscany. First impressions would lead us to suspect that being an artists in Tuscany is mind-numbingly dull: such are the expressions on the faces of the artists featured, however, they’ve got everything to be cheery about: the homes featured are absolutely stunning. Look up the World List of Houses to Die For and chances are all 25 of the houses photographed in this book will be on it. From the bookstrewn clutter of chaos Cordelia von den Steinen and Pietro Cascella to the modern finesse of the house of Luciana Majoni, every single one would have us packing our bags and heading off to a land of Tuscan sun. The book isn’t much of a read—more of a glorified country homes-style magazine where it’s the pictures that matter. But what pictures—they’re rich, detailed and sumptuous... It’s enough to make you pick up a pencil and start doodling—if success strikes then the rewards look worth it!