Photographs by MARIO CIAMPI

HARD COVER / 180 pages
11 x 12.2 inches / 28 x 31 cm
88 color illustrations
ISBN-13: 9781905216321

• Large format book printed in exceptional quality black and white quad tone
• An exploration of the work of igor Mitoraj set against one of the most inspired and benefitting backdrops ever seen
• Appendix includes the complete bibliography and biography of the artist

US $ 65


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Once more in the Valley of the Temples at Agrigento, the gigantic sculptures of Igor Mitoraj stand among the ancient remains of classical civilisation, a setting with very striking aesthetic and emotional impact. A fascinating dialogue between past and present with new disquieting impressions of estrangement.
Along the Via Sacra, the route that leads from one temple to another, in carefully measured, oriented, and consecrated spaces, the sculptures of Mitoraj emerge like modern votive offerings to ancient gods. Travertine and bronze stand out in stark contrast to the stone of the crumbling temples. In the silence of this timeless place, a voiceless dialogue between the “fragmented” sculptures of Mitoraj and the temples of ancient Akragras – Agrigentum create a blank page of history where each visitor marks his own reactions and emotions. The reference to great Greek mythology in Sicily sets the scene to recall the legend of the “ingenious” Daedalus, the first artist in history whose name has reached us through the centuries, the very archetype of the creator of images. Daedalus, the father, is ideally reunited here with his son Icarus; the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento becomes the background to the myth which made of Daedalus the great sculptor famous in ancient times for the beauty and ingenuity of his inventions, and of Icarus the symbol of the search for liberty even at the cost of life itself.
These are the concepts that Mitoraj proposes for our attention and reflection in an exhibition with endless inspiration and food for thought: concepts that are revealed in the wonderful photography by Mario Ciampi, taking the reader on an inspiring, poetic journey.



IGOR MITORAJ was born in Oderan, Germany, from Polish parents. 
He had a classic painting education Krakow Academy of Fine Arts.. In 1968 he came to Paris to continue his studies at the National School of Fine Arts where he focused on painting. After traveling in South America for two years he decided to approach sculpture for the first time and his first solo sculpture exhibition was held at the Gallery la Hune in Paris in 1976. He then opened a sculpture atelier in Paris and traveled to New York and Greece where he studied classic sculpture. In 1979 he visited Carrara in Italy and decided that marble was the ideal material for his sculpture. Since the opening of his atelier in Pietrasanta in 1983, he has been living between Italy and Paris.