Photographs by MARIO CIAMPI

9.1 x 11 inches / 23 x 28 cm
ISBN-13: 9781905216352

• A delightful collection of country homes from Tuscany
• Lavishly illustrated with 300 colour pictures
• An invaluable references for anyone refurbishing their country home or wanting to create their ideal rural retreat
• Will appeal not for only lovers of interiors, but also those interested in contemporary art

US $ 39.95


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Tuscany has always been a popular destination because of its artistic heritage and unique landscape, and dozens of books on Tuscan homes have attempted to analyze this preference and define the intrinsic style. Yet this definition of style rarely goes beyond a predefined stereotype as much of the authenticity has been lost, and the beautiful old farm-workers’ houses, even the most modest, no longer exist. Even where conservation has been strictly observed, by changing the original use of these houses, previously the homes of those who worked on the land, the innate character has lost all meaning. However, yet another book on Tuscany only has sense if it can go beyond simple documentation of style by describing a way of life in order to define the essence of Tuscany. We have decided to illustrate this essence through the homes of twenty artists from all over the world and who, with that special sensitivity unique to artists, have decided to live in this region, merging with its character… its genius loci. Each artist brings his own history and creativity, but at the same time, diffuses a different atmosphere composed of inventive input and a respect for material elements that does not simply reproduce the past, but alludes to it with intensity and passion. Neither modest nor lavish, these houses demonstrate that sober elegance, uncontrived architecture and true harmony with the landscape are where the beauty of this region lies, a beauty that artists have always been able to embrace.



MARIELLA SGARAVATTI was born in Padua, Italy and studied architecture in Florence where she graduated with a specialization in landscape architecture. She has done freelance work designing gardens and she is currently active in gardening congresses and conventions. Her published works include Le passiflore and Le clematidi, both published by Calderini in Italy, and Tuscany Artists Gardens and Tuscany Artists Homes both published by Verba Volant.


MARIO CIAMPI has been an architectural photographer for more than twenty-five years and his work has appeared in numerous magazines worldwide, and in particular, Casa Vogue and Architectural Digest